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St. Lucia is fill with so many spectacular sights, full of Natural History and Culture, it's hard to decide where and how to start your tour of the island.

ATV Adventures:

ATV Adventures St.Lucia offers an exciting tour riding 4 wheel motorised, easy to operate fully automatic all terrain vehicles, designed for off road terrain. It is a guided tour through a lush area of St.Lucia, nestled in the shadows of a spectacular extinct volcano. Ride through banana and coconut plantations, semi rainforest and visit a waterfall. Riding a true ATV is a real thrill! If you are looking for soft adventure and an easy going tour with a different focus on the island, this is a perfect tour for you! This exciting motorable adventure shouldn't be missed! No experience required.

Wild life Sea Safari Tour:

Calypso Explorer - The Ultimate wild life sea safari tour. Step aboard the brand new fast and stable rigid inflated boat for half a day trip adventure to some of the most beautiful beaches of St.Lucia. Our raft trips are as educational as they are fun. Learn about St.Lucia's diverse marine life and the history of this volcanic isle from our friendly and experienced captain. Let the crew take you to extraordinary sites and maybe catch the opportunities to see dolphins, whales, turtles, flying fish and snorkel in secluded bays teaming with beautiful tropical fish, or go to the rugged Atlantic coast when the weather permits.



Designed by one of the top landscape designers in the Caribbean, Mamiku Gardens boasts beauty, nature and history. Located on the East Coast of the island, a 45 minute scenic drive from Castries, Mamiku Gardens is a tropical blend of natural woodland trails and beautifully landscaped gardens. Drinks and snacks are served on the lovely balcony and terrace, and The Garden Gate Shop provides interesting gift ideas. All set amid the ruins of the 18th century French estate and the battleground. Mamiku Gardens is a "must-see" adventure. Mamiku's not just a garden, it's an experience.


Balenbouche Estate is a unique property nestled between Choiseul and Laborie in the Southern St.Lucia. It is unique not only because of its historical value, but because a part of the past is kept alive today. The traditional estate house is home as well as a historical attraction. The ruins at the sugar factory, with its 25 foot water wheel, date back to the 18th century when sugar and rum reigned supreme. During your visit to balenbouche, you will learn about many phases of the plantation, from the remains of the Arawaks and Carib indians who settled here about 1500 years ago, up to the processing of coconuts, which came to halt in 1993. The enchanting tropical garden which surround the estate house with its huge old trees tells of former times and has been lovingly tended to include walkways, bridges and flowerbeds. The estate is still primarily active in agriculture, but now opens its doors to limited number of visitors, to preserve its peaceful and personal atmosphere.




A twenty-foot waterfall surrounded by lush vegetation, with a scenic watercourse and additional pools downstream. The site is accessed through a local fruit and flower garden, with ponds and trails. The well manicured grounds with relaxation benches and wattle huts, allow the proprietor to provide a truly tranquil atmosphere and maintain the natural and near mystic appearance of the site.


Relive the battle of Rabot, and revisit the military genius of the freedom fighters. This historic battle, where freedom fighters inflicted a most decisive and historic victory against the mighty British Army, was fought right on the doorstep of what is now Fond Doux Estate. This site does not only have a history, in contrast to the battle, it is adorned with a warm 19th century plantation house, with nature trails through a local fruit garden. The sites and sounds of many tropical birds, mixed into the natural beauty of this undisturbed colonial plantation, is paradise lost and found.


An experience of creole traditions and practices to include the preparation of cassava bread, cooking on macambou leaves, catching crayfish in the river, viewing the collection of honey from beehive, and the very entertaining practice of wood sawing to the music of chak-chak band, is what the creole park is all about its a truly "Kweyol" experience which can be enjoyed by both local and foreign visitors alike.





The bus will transport you to the entrance of the rain forest, where your guide from the Forestry Department will lead you along the track into the thick growth of the forest. You will walk through the natural habitat of the St.Lucia Parrot, whose call can be heard in the dense foliage of the high trees overhead. Perhaps you will catch a glimpse of the rare species. Retracing your steps.


Don't just go for a horseback ride, go for the adventure--"the Great Horse Adventure!" Country Saddles offers a fabulous sightseeing experience through banana plantations, across pasture lands, along a natural forest trail to a most picturesque beach on the Atlantic coastline. The experienced guides are knowledgeable about St.Lucian wildlife and history, enriching the experience with informational tidbits. The trail has been clearly designed to accommodate both beginners and experienced riders. A thrilling forest trail along the breathtaking mountain ridge is also available, but recommended only for more experienced riders.


The Maria Islands are two small islands off the coast of Vieux Fort which have been set aside as a nature reserve, being home to two species found nowhere else in the world. The Kouwes Snake, which has been noted as the world's rarest snake, has taken refuge on Maria major, evacuating St.Lucia to avoid man. Another unique inhabitant of the Maria Island is the Zandoli Te, a ground lizard, of which the male exhibits a splendid tail of brilliant blue. Trips by boat (all paricipants must be capable swimmers).


This tour takes you to the Atlantic Coast and Fantastic scenic views. The one-mile nature trail encircles the park to the observation point over - looking the small Fregate islands. As the Fregate birds nest here only in the summer, don't expect to see too many of these magnificent birds at the other times of the year. But you will find along the walk a diverse variety of vegetation, from species requiring little water to the sea-side mangrove. A large selsction of the birds have made their homes within the reserve, including the scarce Ramier Pigeon, the St.Lucian Oriole, the Trembler, and several types of timid Boa Constrictors. All walks are arranged through the National Trust.


La Toc Battery, built in the 1800's offers a touch of history in beautiful St.Lucia. This fine example of St.Lucia's military history is built on a gentle hillside and looks serenely onto the Castries Harbour and the tranquil waters of the Caribbean sea. The fort offers British engineering at its finest, with everything from thick, reinforced walls to mysterious underground rooms and corridors. A tour of this place will appeal to everyone. Both educational and fascinating.

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